2016 Santa Rosa Empowerment Workshop: The Five Faces Of Success

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What is a success? It can be defined in many ways depending on the perspective of the person giving meaning to it. Some may see it in a situation where other deem nonsense. The 2016 Santa Rosa Empowerment Workshop aims to understand what people think of success as many confuse it of having the approval of the society.


What Are The Five Faces Of Success?


  1. Career


Some people consider success as being able to excel in their chosen career. They often want to be the best among others who chose the same path, and to these people, recognition is a crucial thing in life.


  1. Money


There are those who measure success through the amount of money they have in their pockets. They think of the world as a big marketplace, and that having much money is power, and power is the success.


  1. Love


Some people find success in relationships. They think that finding the person you are going to spend your life with is the most important thing there is and that what makes a person successful.


  1. Family


There are those who look forward to raising an adorable family. This kind of people has less appreciation for career or money. For them, the measurement of success is seen through the wellbeing of their children.


  1. Charity


Some people have a big heart for the needy. They find happiness and fulfillment in making a difference to other people’s lives, especially the less unfortunate. The number of people they helped measures success for them.


Source: pixabay.com


Regardless of what success means to us, it is vital that we reach it without having to step on another. The 2016 Santa Rosa Empowerment Workshop aims to empower people and their beliefs. Success is correlated with happiness, and being happy is a success in itself.

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