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7 Post-Pregnancy Hair-Loss Prevention Tips To Keep You From Seeking Mental Help From A Psychologist



Dealing with excessive hair loss after giving birth is one of the many reasons why new moms go through postpartum depression and require mental help from a psychologist. During the pregnancy stage, after all, the hormones that strengthen the hair are in abundance. Once the baby comes out, the follicles tend to enter the resting phase, which entails that they close for the time being. The result is that you lose strands, and no amount of anti-hair fall products can save you from this problem.

If it’s any consolation, you should realize that it is possible to get thicker hair once your hormones normalize again. What may calm you now, though, is the fact that you may be able to prevent hair loss after pregnancy by doing the following:

1. Ask For Supplements

Your body will be extra suited to bear a child if you have been taking prenatal vitamins from the start of the first trimester. The typical supplements that a physician can provide to you are vitamins A, B, C, and E, and biotin. Other than the usual benefits that experts tell you about them, these nutrients can also promote better cell growth and blood circulation.

All in all, you have to be sure the supplements mentioned above will not adversely affect your condition.



2. Swear Off Daily Shampooing

The change in your hormonal levels can increase your body temperate a bit. Thus, it won’t be surprising if you want to take a shower more than once every day. It will do you well, however, to schedule shampooing every other day to prevent drying both your scalp and hair. If you have to do it daily for various reasons, you can choose a mild shampoo that has less drying components compared to the regular ones.

3. Remove Stress

Stress is a significant factor that causes hair loss. Even non-pregnant people, irrespective of their gender, lose a lot of strands when they can hardly keep up with work or school. It is said to affect a person’s hormonal levels as well, which can speed up the loss of hair. Hence, you have to get rid of all of the objects or activities that can cause it during and right after pregnancy.

4. Try A Brewer’s Yeast Hair Mask

You cannot drink beer while you are pregnant, but you are allowed to gain the goodness of the brewer’s yeast by making a hair mask out of it. Although this substance is not known to many, we’ll have you know that some of its components include folic acid, biotin, and riboflavin. These are the compounds that expecting mothers need to ensure their well-being, as well as the unborn baby’s. By applying the mask on your hair twice or thrice a week, you can fortify every strand to stop it from dwindling later on ideally.

5. Consider Loose Hairstyles

Remember that your hair is as delicate as your child’s. You will add unnecessary stress on it, in a sense, once you opt for styles that require so much hair spray or use of elastic bands. Curling or straightening your locks quite often can make it brittle and dry, too. It may be more practical to put the hair in a low ponytail rather instead of a tight bun, or a French braid instead of dreadlocks.



6. Eat More Foods With Omega 3 And Omega 6

Omega 3 and omega 6 are fatty acids that a human body cannot generate; that’s why you have to include great sources of them in your diet. Yes, salmon, tuna, or any fish is already a given. In case you cannot consume it due to allergies or eating principles, you may get olives and flaxseeds in different forms. Apart from promoting brain function and having anti-inflammatory benefits, such compounds allow the blood to circulate better. Of course, it is precisely what the hair follicles need to prevent most of the strands from falling.

For more concentrated fatty acids, some companies encapsulate them, too. Like with other drugs, though, you have to consult a physician before taking them.

7. Massage Scalp Habitually

The hair can do well with a bit of nourishment from the outside. This can come from coconut, almond, or castor oil – great natural products that can reduce your chances of losing much hair. Any of these essential oils can encourage the healthy growth of your locks as they possess mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids that nourish the hair. Not to mention, the process of massaging the substance into the scalp can keep your stress at bay.

Final Thoughts

As temporary as it may be, knowing your hair will undergo this much cannot put anyone in a good mood, can it? That is irrespective of the fact that a beautiful baby has come along in the process. What you should do right now is to understand all the tips mentioned above and try them out as soon as possible. Good luck!

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