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My Simple Successful Secrets


Secret #1: Exercise

I’m not sure if it works for you. But exercising makes me feel really fresh and energised! I do stuff much more effectively and also achieve better standards after an exercise. I don’t exercise daily but I do minimum of 3 times a week! I have my own P.T on wednesdays, Swimming on fridays and Sports on Sunday! And some randoms every part of the week. Keeping healthy not only helps you work better but also prevents you from falling sick!

P.S: To motivate yourself, imagine girls/guys ogling at your dream body in months from now! Oh yea~ That means the beach!

Secret #2: Wake Up Early

Wake up early! Don’t waste your morning away! Every one hour earlier you wake up, you can accomplish much more then the average person. And it is proven that morning hour is one of the time productivity is most efficient!

P.S: Be really enthusiastic about waking up! Take waking early as a must! Write down something you would want to do with that 1 hour earlier and follow it!

Secret #3: Plan your Day

Always write down the tasks and things you want to accomplish everyday. Cross them out or add more things in so you can track your progress. If you have been slacking too much, it’s time to pick up. If you finished everything, then you can enjoy the rest of the evening off as a reward! This will not only help us spend time efficiently, it helps us to gain much more satisfaction daily.

P.S: Treat yourself to a chocolate or maybe a nice movie or even a nice nap after you complete all your daily tasks! Plan your reward before you start the day too!

Secret #4: Blogging

By blogging, I improve my writing skills. Secondly, it is easy to lose focus and motivation, so through blogging I am able to keep myself motivated and positive. I get to learn more from various people and sources. And to top it all, I know that my post will some day make a difference to someone out there be it big or small! Hence, I would feel great the whole day too.

Secret #5: Laugh Everyday

I really must emphasis the power of laughter! Laughing really makes me feel relax and happy. By taking some time to watch something funny everyday, I find life so much more fulfilling! The wonders of laughter is still underestimated by many today. But to me, I think it is really important and plays a big part in my life because it is something positive that comes out genuinely from yourself. So take a break and grab some humour!

P.S: You can watch funny videos or comics on Youtube etc. Or you can chat with a funny person or Me! I promise to lighten your day up with my lameness.

Secret #6: Relaxing: Reading and Music

Like almost everybody else, I take reading breaks every now and then. It helps me relax your mind and a provides a different form of information upload to my brain. And fiction books are able to boost our imagination and creativity too… One of my favourite source of relaxation is music. Music keeps me alive and singing too! I like to Sing and Hum songs along and it really opens me up. Till today, I still can’t understand whats the magic about music.

Giving a Good Presentation

Posted on Tuesday 8 May 2007

Firstly I want to Thank Your time for reading my blog! Secondly I want to apologize for the lack of posts recently!

I want to share with you guys a problem that I never knew was a problem until recently. That is the efficient usage of a powerpoint presentation or infact, any sales presentation.

A quote from Robert Kiyosaki, “To be successful in business, you need a system.” 

Truth is, everything needs a system to operate efficiently. Your body is a system, your company has a system, even the water cycle is a system.

Do you follow a system when you do presentations? Or do you just do blindly with the boring introduction, body, summary format?

Sit Tight while I show you an efficient format that the experts out there have shared.

A Good Sales Presentation Format.

1. Identify Their Need (The Problem)

2. Propose a Solution

3. How Your Product can Benefit Them

4. Credibility

5. Proposal

P.S: Remember it is ALWAYS about THEM THEM THEM. Your prospects came to know what you can do for them, what is in it for them. So make them the star in your presentation.

Here are some pointers to enhance your Powerpoint Presentation Skills:

7 Secrets to a Good Powerpoint 

1. Font

Make sure your title uses one that has a Curl or Tail at the end of the letters. For Eg. Times New Roman, Serif. This is so that it has a bigger impact and prepare the audience for what’s coming up next.

For your content however, use Sans serif, Arial etc that is simple to read so it accelerates the reading speed by your audiences.

2. Design

Make your design simple and clean. Do not use complicated templates that affects your wording. Go with either Dark Background and light-coloured words or the opposite. I do not recommend having sentences and phrases on complicated backgrounds like pictures etc… Make it appealing enough just to send a clear message across. Over decoration draws attention away from you.

3. Slide Transitition

Give up the thought of putting in fancy entries. Words swirling in and making weird sounds are no longer the “In” thing now. Save the trouble! Just keep it simple and professional.

4. Images

NEVER, ever use low quality images. Use High Quality pictures that can be seen clearly. Low Quality pictures leaves an unprofessional impression in your audiences, and to top it all, it Weakens your message.

5. Don’t Read the Whole Slide

This is the most important point of a good powerpoint. Never put everything up on the slide all chunked up together. Just put in minor points and elaborate on them yourself. In fact, you noticed that professional speakers hardly put more then a few words in a slide. They explain and elaborate almost everything, they use the slide to STRENGTHEN their message, not to back up their presentation. So make sure you know the content by the back of your hand and only put important points into the slide.

6. Be Animated

Try to use your body to interact with the audiences. Exaggerate your movements. Try not to stand on 1 spot and explain like a boring lecturer. Connect with the audience by moving around.

7. Try to shares stories

Use a story to explain certain points. Stories usually give a lasting impression in people’s head because they draw out the story in their head using their imagination. So try to share some experiences or stories that is relevant to your point.