Law Of Attraction (Power Of The Mind)

The human brain can sometimes experience difficulty in programming the things you desire. That’s due to the hindering reality you see in front of you. Sometimes, even a slight sense of brain’s vibration to external noise can limit the mind’s potential to concentrate on wanting something. According to psychotherapist Joyce Marter, “In life, we are each dealt a different hand of hardships and blessings. It would appear that life is not fair in her dealings, but I believe we are each given the exact hand we need to learn the lessons of our unique, psycho-spiritual journey.”


For most of us, the reality of everyday life is the dominant information that only exists. It serves as a reminder to the subconscious mind to manifest on desires even if you are not consciously focused on those particular things. Since the spatial memory within the mind exists, there is recorded information of the environment along with spatial orientation. The memory purely runs in auto-pilot patterns once it established the process of positioned thoughts. Meaning, there’s going to be a large portion of mental power dedicated to understand and learn the layout of the environment as well as remembering its significant markers. It is one of the mind’s “cheat codes” in building desires and wants in life.

Super-Charging Exercise For The Mind That Creates Law Of Attraction

  • The art of picking a familiar place that you know well helps your mind stay calm and focused. It could be some areas in your house, a favorite restaurant, somewhere near the park, an office building, or anywhere that makes you feel at ease just by thinking about it. Though this method is conventional, its farthest point reaches positivity in both mental and emotional aspect.
  • The imagination of yourself walking in a particular path that you know so well also creates a law of attraction. It allows you to take time to view yourself in a vivid environment. It helps you manage the obstacles in your head and arrange them in a particular order based on its level of difficulty, priority, advancement, and control.


  • The manifestation of your desires lies in your ability to think through it. The aim of achieving something without concentrating on small hindering substances is what makes it more achievable. It’s like thinking about getting something without experiencing pain, worries, sorrow, and hardship. Though it’s merely impractical to do, there’s still a possible chance that it might happen. It forces the memory part of the brain to believe in the validity of the things you want. As Dr. Joyce Brothers said, “Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”
  • The subconscious mind controls almost half of the brain’s capacity to function. Therefore, setting up triggering words in it becomes a great option. For instance, you can tell yourself that you can make it, that there’s nothing you can do, and that the things you want are the ones you deserve. Soon enough you’ll realize that those triggering words eventually become your reality. That’s because these words resonate with your specific environment.

The primary consideration of using your mind to achieve the things you want is conceivably through imagination. The more noticeable the images are, the easier the process would be for the subconscious to set it as the new goal. Being that your mind dynamically understands the environment, it will remember the marks of desires you put in there even if you don’t physically have it yet. “With the right mindset, it may be possible to handle challenges better and pursue success without getting down on yourself,” said Catherine Moore, Psychologist, MBA.