Challenge Your Reality and Evolve As A Leader through Mindset Reinvention


New Year is just around the corner. This is the perfect time of the year to reset everything and come up with better resolutions, one that you promise (over and over again) to keep.

This is also an excellent time to remodel yourself through reflections and set your mind to become someone who can mature into a leader.

Why? “It seems that not a day passes without a cry for better leadership in government, business, or arenas like the NFL,” noted Rick Nauert PhD.

We need leaders. We need people who possess the capabilities and skills of stepping up from the crowd with zeal and passion for taking on the challenges of life. Besides, with the current economy showing progress and more potential, leaders are required to get their minds together to identify areas of improvements for the sake of the industry that they are bound to and for the people who depend on them.

Redefining the mindset

To be the leader that the present world needs you to be, there is one thing that you have to accept and consider – embracing a different leadership mindset, one that you haven’t done on your own. This mindset evolution is derived from experienced hardships and successes, realities of missed favorable circumstances, and the trends demanded by a particular business.


Shifting of the mindset requires a person to get rid of old habits and bad behaviors that are no longer needed in making you an effective leader. You are obligated to dismiss your comfort zone by realizing that any form of complacency can do damage in your endeavor.

That said, there are a couple of essential workplace realities that you should be looking into.

  1. It’s a risky business.

Business leaders know this one truth: ventures risk adversity. Therefore, the risk is that thin line between a viable opportunity and a successful undertaking. Nonetheless, the only way to find out if one idea will work is to risk it no matter how unstable it may seem to be. Instruct your mindset that risks will always have consequences, either good or bad. Since risks entail possible failure, people refrain from doing it not realizing that great leaders made calculated guesses and took the plunge. Taking on the challenge will not just define you as a leader but as a person as well.

  1. Positive mentality energizes performance.

In every step and on every corner, leaders will always see countless opportunities, regardless of time or place; making the most out of wherever they are. Unfortunately, not everyone sees these opportunities and just go with the day surviving. Positive mentality blocks out unnecessary distractions and noises to allow better clarity where other only recognize uncertainty and despair. A person’s thinking that is affected negatively will easily grow tired of the system and will allow bitterness to swallow them whole.

As a leader with a new mindset, having a positive mentality means:

  • You have to quit being judgmental of other people capabilities.
  • Different people beget different skills to offer.
  • You can influence positivity as well.
  1. Listening can take you places.

Communication is a two-way road. You cannot expect people to understand you if you don’t allow them to express how they feel and what they think about the situation around the workplace. “Effective leadership usually results from convincing members to sacrifice their own benefit for the greater good,” says Chengwei Liu Ph.D. A leader with an evolved mindset empowers people by providing them with avenues where they can express positive and negative feedbacks and opinions, minus the fear of being judged along the way. By listening to what people are actually saying, you let yourself, as a leader, to become sensitive towards their aspirations, needs, and desires. Being mindful of employees’ sentiments productively inspire inclusive growth and development. Furthermore, leaders who know how to listen create an environment where trust and transparency exist; thereby, breeding loyalty from people.

As a leader, you should understand that creating a whole new, different mindset means that you have to change yourself. “Exhibiting strength in leadership requires courage, however”, according to George S. Everly, Jr. PhD, ABPP, FACLP. Eventually, you will regain competitive influence, leverage, and impact. Though this may not be easy, you are assured that in the long run, you are not the only one who will reap the benefits of change but also the organization and the people.