Establishing Emotional Health To Battle Pandemic Stress

We don’t often experience situations like this. In fact, for most of us, this COVID-19 pandemic is one of a kind. Its effects are not something we can easily forget about because it attaches trauma to our mental and emotional health. But despite the adversities of the situation, we understand the value of taking measures in keeping our overall health safe. Therefore, we need to establish strategies to stay emotionally healthy and resilient during this time as much as possible.


 Practice Self-Compassion

As we are all working through this COVID-19 crisis, we are aware of the mental illnesses it can create. There are anxiety and depression that we often cannot control. With that, we need to become more compassionate with ourselves regarding how to react to the things that are happening around us. Yes, we will have various responses in situations and that we might face the emotional pain differently. But we need to recognize our stressors to be able to find ways to deal with them. We need to understand that it is okay sometimes to feel weak because all of us are going to endure our moments of struggle one way or another.


Get Socially-Connected

As much as we want to practice and promote physical distancing to minimize the spread of the virus, we need to be socially connected. We must find time to reach out to our family and friends. We need to secure a technology-based interaction with others through phone calls, chat, and other forms of video conferencing. There are lots of options to choose from. We need to understand that in times of isolation, staying connected with people will help us fight the emotionally draining situation of this pandemic.

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Look For Unique Opportunities

In this unique situation that we are experiencing, it is essential to look for sources of opportunities. Yes, the struggle will be difficult because of the rising levels of uncertainties, but we should not be scared. We need to search for positive opportunities that exist. It could be something we didn’t have time doing before, or it does not interest us back then but is now available. The opportunity could be something we thought we couldn’t do but is now waiting for our attention. We need to think about other things that require our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual presence.


Try And Engage In Different Activities

Due to our regular life, even before this pandemic situation, there are limited things we can do. But now that the situation allows us to focus on ourselves more, we need to try and engage in different activities that will make us feel different. It can be as simple as learning new things such as sewing, cooking, playing instruments, and so on. There are lots of activities that can allow us to become productive. Not only these simple activities cater to our sense of need in times like this, but it will also help us manage our stress and emotional burden.


Avoid Excessive Media Exposure

Yes, we all want to be up-to-date with the figures and facts of what is going on with Coronavirus and how it continually creates damage to the world. However, we need to recognize that for us to be able to maintain balanced emotional health, we must stay away from negative information from the media. We must tone down in pushing ourselves to the toxicity of the situation to avoid unhealthy consequences. We must pay attention to how much exposure we need so that we can set boundaries as to what is necessary for us and what is not.