Positivity Over Anxiety

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“Anxiety is a reaction to a situation we perceive as stressful or dangerous,” Monique Reynolds, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist.

In today’s world, anxiety is a very common mental disorder. It’s due to the things that pressure us, things that surround us which make us weak for no particular reason. The nervousness or uneasiness about something with an uncertain outcome can force us to become pressured.  But don’t worry; there’s an abundance of tools available to overcome this condition. We have to understand the effects of positivity in our life, so let’s get into it.

We worry about things because we fear that we can’t handle worse situations. However, most of the things we worry about don’t particularly happen in real life.  It is only the idea of fear that we incorporate in our minds. In fact, when we solely believe that negativity will impact our lives, then it will. But if we try to think about the opposite and picture ourselves on the right side of the moment, we’ll eventually end up laughing and smiling all through the course of the struggle.


How Do You Learn To Believe In Yourself?

You’ve already been through a lot of difficulties in life, and perhaps you already pull yourself out of it at some point. Self-belief and self-love are the two of the most powerful things that stop anxiety. Every time we face a new challenge in life, there’s a small part of us that assumes its difference from the previous ones we already encountered. From there, we imagine that we won’t be able to handle it. But guess what, we already made it through before, and we can probably deal with it the second time around. It’s a matter of positioning our thoughts into the realm of getting best results instead of focusing on the hardships instead.

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Positive And Negative Vibes

Spending so much time thinking about the future is not going to help and will only make your anxiety worst.  Fretting over hypothetical scenarios will only lock us away from reality. As a result, we limit capabilities in doing the things we have to do because we’ll get too afraid of trying. However, pushing too hard for something we want can give us anxiety as well.  It will eventually cause us pain, suffering, frustration, and devastation. And because of that, we tend to stick to negative motivation and gather contrary ideas.

If we adopt the belief that life doesn’t give us anything we couldn’t handle, we will start to have faith in ourselves. We have to remember that we are in control of our destiny. Letting go and having faith in living our wishes are the most challenging parts. But once we get through the process of accepting what life has to offer, we will eventually receive the benefits afterward.

“The physical reaction to anxiety, by nature, is supposed to be short-term. The body is supposed to come back down to baseline,” clinical psychologist Robert Duff, Ph.D. says. “But a prolonged period of anxiety depletes your resources and exhausts you. If your anxiety is bothering you and you are suffering, you deserve to get help,” she adds.


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Life might take you on a roller coaster ride, but that’s all going to be worth it. The final destination will always be up to you. Once you decide to get the things you want and pursue it with conviction, it’s already yours. You got to believe in yourself enough to get through the road of success. Even if you take bad turns, you can always find a chance to start over.

Psychologist Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.,  says that people in therapy “often come around to supporting treatment once they see that it makes a person happier.”

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